Comics - chapter 4 page 4 - 28 Mar 2009

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crunchyblueberry, 28 Mar 2009

That's SO funny! I was just making a Sonichu "fanart" today and reading his article....AGAIN!!!!!

yuki-neko, 28 Mar 2009

Lol, the internets is such a interesting place isn't it? XD
Sonichu FTW

Synatious, 29 Mar 2009

Gosh, I love every single page of this comic. I can't wait to read more! ^__^

Hyde_n_Psyc, 01 Apr 2009

This specific Encyclopedia Dramatica entry sent me on a 3 hour-long cross-reference quest through the bowels of the aforementioned site. e___e THREE HOURS.

But it was interestingly hilarious.
Though I feel a little sorry for him.

atsusa, 20 Jun 2009

LOL This is so my fav page atm.

Blargh (Guest), 24 Jul 2009

Your comic has redeemed itself somewhat. Heart Level = 60% intact

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